TropiClean Pure Plum Deodorizing Dog & Cat Spray - 236 ml

Organic, cruelty-free & removes odour

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After spritzing your pet with TropiClean's Pure Plum Deodorizing Dog & Cat Spray, she'll smell fantastic! This simple deodorising spray smells like plum and will keep your pet and home smelling fresh. It's created in the United States with no parabens or dyes and is fully pet-friendly and cruelty-free for a product you can rely on! So, after her bath or in between showers, give your sidekick a few sprays to relax, condition, and refresh her coat! Never run out of supplies - Autoship & Save Today!

TropiClean's Pure Plum Deodorizing Pet Spray for dogs removes smells by addressing the source of the odour and breaking it down, leaving a fresh and pleasant aroma behind. Removes smells.



    It's very refreshing my baby loved it!! Thanks Pawfolic

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