How to potty train your puppy?

How to potty train your puppy?

Puppies get potty/pee trained when they are on a regular schedule.

The Schedule teaches them that there are times to eat, to play and do their business.

Generally, a puppy can control their bladder for 1-2 hours. So, if your puppy is of 2 months, they can hold it for about 2 hours and not more than that. 

Remember, don’t go longer than 2 hours otherwise they can urinate or poop anywhere. 

Necessary steps you need to keep in mind, while potty training your puppy:- 

1. Take your puppy outside 

frequently at least after every 2 hours. 

2. Take them out immediately after they wake up, during the day, after playing and after having food and water. 

3. Pick a bathroom spot for your pet outside your home and always take your puppy to the spot on leash.

4. Use a specific word or phrase that you can eventually use before your puppy goes to the bathroom to remind them what to do while they are going. Only after they are done with poop take them for a long walk or play with them. 

5. Reward your puppy every time they poop outdoors. Treats or praises should be given right away after they finish, not after they go back inside the house. This step is crucial since the only way to teach your dog what is expected of them is to praise them for going outside. 

Make sure they are done before rewarding because thet are easily distracted. Puppies could forget to complete until they go back inside the home if you praise them too quickly. 

6. Set up a consistent feeding regimen for your dog. A timetable determines what goes in and what comes out of a dog. Puppies may need to be fed twice or three times every day, depending on their age. Your puppy will be more likely to go potty at regular intervals if you feed them at the same times every day, which will make house training simpler for both of you.

7. To lessen the probability that your puppy may need to go potty or pee throughout the night, remove their water bowl around two and a half hours prior to bedtime. Most pups are able to sleep for around seven hours without getting up to use the restroom.Don't make a big deal out of it if your puppy does wake you up in the middle of the night; otherwise, they'll believe it's time to play and won't want to go back to sleep. Don't talk to or play with your puppy, turn off as many lights as you can, take them outside to go potty, and then put them back to bed.