How to clean your dog’s ear at home ?

How to clean your dog’s ear at home ?

. Soak a cotton ball or

pad in Ear Cleaning solution.

2. Squeeze the cleaner

into your dog's ear and

use the cotton ball to

hold the ear closed.

3. Massage the base

of the ear to allow

liquid to move

through the ear.

4. The cotton pad will

soak up excess

liquid and collect

wax and debris.

5. Wipe the visible

surface of the ear

and the entrance to

the ear canal.

6. Allow your dog to

shake out any minor

remaining debris.

It is very important to clean their ears time to time. Keeping your dogs ear clean helps them to stay protected from any infection in ear. 

Ear cleaners that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide should never be used on a pet’s ears, as these can cause inflammation of the sensitive tissues in and around the ears. Instead, purchase a pet ear cleaning solution.