5 signs to never ignore in pets

5 signs to never ignore in pets

1. Heavy Panting

Deeper lobored breathing that lasts longer than

normal panting could mean your dog or cat is in

pain and may be suffering from heatstroke,

polsoning, heart failure  

pneumonia, or lung tumour.

2. Drooling 

Those of you with dogs such as boxers, bloodhounds, mastiffs or Saint Bernards know that they drool alot. Excessive drooling, however, may be a sign that something is wrong with your dog or cat. Sudden, excessive drooling may indicate heatstroke, dental issues such as periodontitis or a tooth abscess — or your pet has chomped down on something that has irritated or burned the mouth, has eaten a toxic plant or is suffering from a neurological problem.

3. Change in odor 

Remember that healthy pets don’t stink. If your pet has started to smell differently like bad breath, stinky ears and skin, noxious-smelling gas; there could be a problem. 

Bad breath can be a sure sign of dental disease, oral melanoma, and diabetes or kidney failure. Musky smelling ears are usually a sign of an ear infection.

Stinky skin, accompanied at times with itchy, flaking skin or skin lesions, can be an indicator of allergies, seborrhea or bacterial or yeast infections.  

4. Change in behaviour 

A change in your pet’s behavior, such as unprovoked aggression, moodiness, erratic temperament, hyperactivity, fearfulness, anxiety, submissiveness, sudden onset of seizures, or inactivity — no longer playing with toys, choosing to be alone in another room, not able to get comfortable lying down, even a lack of appetite can be a strong indicator that something is wrong. 

Pain and discomfort are the most common reasons for a change in your pet’s behavior. 

So if you see any of these signs in your pet then take them to vet.