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Pawfolic was launched in 2021 but the story began back in 2019, when we discovered that there are lack of professional pet services in town. 23 years old Mayank Gupta, a pet lover & pet parent himself founded Pawfolic. We cater pet home grooming & training services. We have an easy to use e-commerce website, where we only sell premium quality pet products like treats, beds, mats, etc. Pawfolic is a company that caters to pet’s needs and we cater them with love and best quality.

We work in a healthy and happy environment where all of our team members together show their creativity and has freedom to bring up new ideas. We are a team of pet lovers and we would do anything for pets.

Our unique selling price is that we have in house pet grooming and training services. We provide groomers and trainers that will come to your place and train or groom your pooch in your presence. You can easily book our services either through our website or you can simply call or message us. We are available in Delhi/NCR and Kolkata.

Our motto is to give high quality services & products, which all pet parents would definitely love! At an attractive price so that each & every pet can taste professionalism while we still develop the Indian pet care market.

Our vision is that every pet in India should experience Pawfolic services! In a short span of time, we have come a long way now. We aspire to go global.

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How we work
we come to your door step.
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    Professional groomer and handler
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    We do the grooming at the comfort of your home
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    Happy furry friend


About Us

Pawfolic is a home grown business that was born out of love and care for pets. More than a company, we are a pet lover family that is dedicated to provide best services and supplies for pets.

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Check what’s our client say
about us!




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